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Bere cu Marijuana

I am from my father”s dark skin.
I am from my mother”s cool anger
against my father”s cool smile.
I am from far North of Moldavia
where we speak Romanian
with Russian accent
and where the polenta blows-up sometimes
when the summer is too hot.
Why do you want to know me?
I am what I am,
as boring as a cornfield
under the moonlight.
I am my parent”s daughter.
I am my son”s mother.
And I will never give up to that.

…care e legatura cu titlul? Niciuna.


Cer de vara II – Femeia garbova

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”…era gârbovã de nu putea sã se ridice în sus nicidecum…”(Luca, 13, 10-17 )