Diary of a positive thinker

Lt. Gheorghe Alexandru, 27 years old, joined Friday evening the protesters from Bucharest- the 11-th day. His eyes express both deep sadness and sparkles of hope.

Thorned between the demands of the military uniform and the personal beliefs, this young man transcended the casual behavior expectations that we have about uniforms and spoked loud and clear about the motivation of his action (this is my file transcription and translation, I tryed to do my best):

„There were moments that I would tend to give up; but then I told to myself I can’t, brother,as long as a 68 years old man came from Teleorman and was beated  (..) when so many elders have courage to protest peacefully into the square, despite the hits they recieved, me, as officer of Romanian army, that I oah faith till death, I cannot be afraid of death or other bad things that could happen…

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