Diary of a positive thinker

The snow covered Romania and autoroutes are blocked. The IMF delegation finished visit. Emergency public services are in the impossibility to confront weather. The government resigned. Schools closed for this week, I stay home. At least 700 people were blocked for 60 hours into a train due the snow. The opposition coalition declared parliamentary strike.  More than -20 Celsius in each night. The new prime minister is assigned in the person of a secret service chief. In University Square few protesters continue to come each evening, despite cold and snow storm. Former prime minister gives to the new one the list of the govenrment members. More than 60.000 people are blocked under snow in the Southern counties, including town areas. The governemt members passed the hearings into the Parliament’s comissions. Some local authorities ask for help. Some people cal at the TV stations and ask for help. The Parliament votes…

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