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Natura umana (III) – Psalmul 23 The Twenty Third Psalm

Dedicat cu speranta tuturor celor care in aceste timpuri sunt in Valea Plangerii. Dedicated with hope to all those who  in these times are living in Wailing Valley. Rugati-va cu mine: Pray with me:  Psalmul 23 1       Domnul este Păstorul meu: nu … Citește în continuare

Natura umana (II)- HUMAN NATURE




by CJ Grant

Created on: May 20, 2008

Human Nature

Is it human nature
to desire forbidden fruit,
to hunger for a blossom
so obsessed with passion
that we forget the pain,
which inevitably arises
once we tease ourselves
with the thought of it
or taste a tiny part of it,
and it becomes the predator
eating at us like a carnivore
that saves the head for last
savouring the brain to feed its own
and we, still craving illicit nectar
enjoying the fact that it is devouring us?

Human nature/ Natura umana (I) Laziness- by Robert Service

Dedicat cu tristete tuturor celor care in aceste zile au ales sa nu faca nimic.


by Robert Service

Let laureates sing with rapturous swing
Of the wonder and glory of work;
Let pulpiteers preach and with passion impeach
The indolent wretches who shirk.
No doubt they are right: in the stress of the fight
It’s the slackers who go to the wall;
So though it’s my shame I perversely proclaim
It’s fine to do nothing at all.

It’s fine to recline on the flat of one’s spine,
With never a thought in one’s head:
It’s lovely to le staring up at the sky
When others are earning their bread.
It’s great to feel one with the soil and the sun,
Drowned deep in the grasses so tall;
Oh it’s noble to sweat, pounds and dollars to get,
But – it’s grand to do nothing at all.

So sing to the praise of the fellows who laze
Instead of lambasting the soil;
The vagabonds gay who lounge by the way,
Conscientious objectors to toil.
But lest you should think, by this spatter of ink,
The Muses still hold me in thrall,
I’ll round out my rhyme, and (until the next time)
Work like hell – doing nothing at all.